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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence uses software services and tools to analyze business data for a clear perspective on how your business has performed ...

19 April

Outsourcing Your Data Analytics

The recent uptick in the usage of big data in business and subsequent demand for data analytics is evident across several industries includi...

02 December

Customer Relationship Management

In the modern business world, knowledge is your most important resource, but simply accumulating information will not do you much good. As ...

24 October

Burcamp Advisory Group, Inc. Joins Infor Partner Network

Burcamp Advisory Group, Inc. today announced it has joined the Infor Partner Network (IPN), a global network designed to provide the to...

14 October

Intelligent learning takes more than a minute and 13 seconds

So in a moment of ‘I wannabe a Millennial’ weakness, I bought a hipster bike online this weekend. It arrived last night in a cardboard bo...

26 September

Internet of Things with Manufacturing

The use of smart equipment in the manufacturing sector is increasing by the day, driven by the useful information that such systems convey ...

05 September

Benefits of Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Rapid application development (RAD) has been present for some time now in software development. This method was conceived to fix some...

14 August

Next Generation Thinking with Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems, or large-scale applications designed to support business processes and information flow for very large organizations...

06 August